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I'm wearing : RADICAL jacket | RADICAL t-shirt | ZARA jeans | ZARA boots | photography by HOYMEDIA
jonthegold antwerp male blogger urban men photography

jonthegold antwerp male blogger urban men photography
photogarphy jonthegold antwerp male blogger urban look
photogarphy jonthegold antwerp male blogger urban look
photogarphy jonthegold antwerp male blogger urban look
photogarphy jonthegold antwerp male blogger urban look

photogarphy jonthegold antwerp male blogger urban look
photogarphy jonthegold antwerp male blogger urban look
photogarphy jonthegold antwerp male blogger urban look

Today I really did not know what to post. But with a helping hand from my beloved friend Vanity Fair and my fellow blogger Carl from A BLOKES EYEVIEW I just knew posting this look was the right thing to do.... Lool Vanity Fair that's how I been calling her for a while now. Haha I like giving out nicknames to friends. ALSO have you noticed ? SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!!!! The countdown is finally over. Before you know it's SUMMER! But I'm not here to talk about spring this time. I'm writing you to tell my urban story.

After many years I evaluated my path. And I feel like I've evolved from this jungle guy to the urban guy who has a story to tell. Here I am, out of the jungle into the urban. 

The journey of a man from jungle to urban is a hard one. In essence a jungle is often envisioned as a less civilised space outside the control of civilisation. My jungle has been my comfort-zone , my thoughts, ' Jon's Space '  where no-one can't tell you nothing and everybody is wrong. You know Tarzan and his people also had their very own habits and beliefs, well I kind of was Tarzan. Living in my own world. But life and it's circumstances can change a man. With time I learned , I grew, I laughed, I cried, I won , I lost, I fell and I have risen! All those situations a man has got to go through in order to be a man in the urban. 

Urban is crowded, Urban is loud, Urban is where I got to know my first love, my first drink, my first puff, my first danger. Urban is challenging. It challenges you to survive amongst different cultures , from every corner on the globe ( Africa , America, Asia, Europe ) . I learned - and still learning - to deal with the clash of my African culture and the European one. That made me the young urban Jon I iz today!

Thanks for reading. Whats your urban story ?
Leave a comment bellow! ;-)

Greets Jon

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chris tian said...

Very Nice shots again!

Jonathan Zegbe said...

thanks bro :-)

Vanity De Brito Cabral said...

I totally love the way you write bruv, and the look is again on point!!!

Patrick S. said...

Such a cool look - also loved reading the text, I actually currently try to get out of my comfort zone! Thanks for sharing, Jon!

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks Vanity Fair héhé :-)

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Its amazing how leaving your comfort zone can open your mind.

Matthew Pike said...

Such cool images mate, really dig them.

Buckets & Spades

The Style Circus said...

Beautifully composed look with a matching background!

Laiyin |


Awesome as always.

Miguel Gouveia said...

Hi :D
I'm in love with your bomber jacket :D

InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

Anshul Bhargava said...

I am in loveee with your bomber jacket!! It's so so edgy! And looks perfect with your entire ensemble! :)

Rafaela said...

Amazing photos!! the jacket is great!!

Beauty Follower said...

You always find the greatest spots to shoot your pictures!

Super cool jacket, by the way :)

Joy said...

Super foto's! And Oh my how much I love your jacket!!


Miss J. said...

Gorgeous pictures and article Jon! That tee looks amazing, I love the jacket too! You always look so effortlessly stylish and cool! ;)

Helder Pereira Coelho said...

Amazing photos!

Please click on some of the links

Andy said...

Great post, Jon! Love your tee and jacket! The grey-black combo is among my favorites :)

Alis are u? said...

So cool dear!

Alice Cerea,


Simone Mars said...

great style. wow!!

Iván said...

I love your look and your hair!!!!


Shoshana said...

You fashion beast! Breaking free from the jungle to take on the concrete, brilliant! I just love how your post tell a story without me even having to read the text. As for the fashion, the purposeful tattered tee is perfect. As for the jacket, love the double header zip-away closer. The fact the you opened the zip from the bottom creates a great visual line that mimics the zippers on each side of the chest. Another fantastic ensemble. (new post)

Jasmin said...

These pictures are so powerful! I can totally see the struggle in your eyes and in your body language...from jungle to urban - love it!

Jasmin xx

Adjoa said...

This was a GREAT read! I think I'm still in my jungle..and I'm okay with it because I'm comfortable. It's's's me. LOL -- waiting for my urban story.

Awesome post Jon!

Thy Bliss Calls

Justin Targia said...

Awesome outfit like always. I'm also more of an Urban person. Keep up the great work man

Magdalena Pińska said...

great look!!! fantastic jacket! :)

Roberto Syrious said...

very cool look!
love the locationa and super love the tee :D

WhatWouldVWear said...

You are so handsome and stylish!! Loving it from head to toe, darling!!

xoxo, Vanessa

Ged in London said...

That jacket = AMAZING! :-) Great post and thanks for sharing your story. ›› Men’s Fashion | Grooming | Lifestyle

Lizlizo said...

Love your style, and your hair!!

- Liz

Chiemela Steve said...

Mehn your style is so dope, I love this post.

Oliver Waldmeier said...

Your blog is one of the biggest inspiration for me! LOVE your style bro! The tee and the jacket are so dope! :D
Have a great weekend!

Bloggers_Boyfriend said...

amazing !!

Ben Heath said...

Loving the look- where the hell did you find that much bamboo?! Big fan of Zara (as you could probably tell) but I'll be checking Radical out too...

Ben |

melody said...


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