The Forester

Hi guys,
It's #MENSWEARMONDAY again and I'm back with a new Forester Look.


Caught the vibe at 'REGGAE GEEL'

Hi Guys,

I'm back with another post. 

Let's talk festival.
I went to 'Reggae Geel'  - a reggae festival in Belgium - for the first time.
Anybody who went there will tell you that the atmosphere over there is so crazy. The music was all I wished for. The main public of the 'Reggae Geel' Festival are reggae lovers, dance hall lovers, Bob Marley lovers, Rastafarian... and anybody who is free spirited.

The day before the event we made a plan to go with 4 friends, 2 of them bailed. So we decided to go just the two of us and we had such a blast , because we are CRAZY! :-)
It's summer right? Why stay at home with this warmth?
We prepared our backpacks and festival outfits, after work we took the road for an amazing experience. You can see a couple of photos on my Instagram.

It was impossible for me  not to share my first 'Reggae Geel' experience with you guys. Here you go! 
Oh by the way we saw Damian Marley perform. What an unique voice & style he has.

Greets Jon


 - See you tomorrow for a new Look -


Blue Sartorialism

 "People are going to stare, make it worth their while."
 - Harry Winston - 

This summer I'm all about dapperness,  sharpness and sartorial-ism.
Remember that I always say that we often dress depending on our mood of the day.
Well on this day I was feeling so confident, that I adopted this sartorial look.
And I showed off my skinny legs.


Sneaker Break: Rony Fieg x Filling Pieces