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I'm wearing: WE FASHION long bomber | H&M blazer | WE FASHION shirt | Melvin & Hamilton shoes | G-STAR RAW sunglasses | photographed by TRUDY DANSO
Dapper Hot Boy with Blue  Long Bomber wefashion
Dapper Hot Boy with Blue  Long Bomber wefashion

Dapper Hot Boy with Blue  Long Bomber wefashion
Dapper Hot Boy with Blue  Long Bomber wefashion
Dapper Hot Boy with Blue  Long Bomber wefashion
Dapper Hot Boy with Blue  Long Bomber wefashion
Dapper Hot Boy with melvin & hamilton brogue shoes
Dapper Hot Boy with gold G-STAR RAW sunglasses HAT
Dapper Hot Boy with brogue shoes melvin and hamilton
Dapper Hot Boy with Blue  Long Bomber wefashion double brest blazer h&m
Dapper Hot Boy with Blue  Long Bomber wefashion

Before the fashion shows - at #MBFWA - we attended on DAY 2, this cool graffiti wall near our hotel caught our eyes. With our ferryboat leaving in 20 minutes we had the choice. Or Sit & Wait for the boat OR take some shots of our #ootd real quick. YOU GUESSED IT! We went for the shots.

I could totally relate to the writings on the wall  ' HOT BOY ' . My outfit was prepared and I felt fashion-week-ready. This long bomber I'm wearing was a late Christmas gift from WE Fashion. It was totally worth it taking it with me. Just perfect for this Dapper Hot Boy.

Thanks for reading. 
Tell me your thoughts on this look. Leave a comment bellow! ;-)

Greets Jon,

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Roberto Syrious said...

super love this look!
the shoes are AMAZING!

Michael said...

Yes..that wall is cool and perfect choice of what to do with 20 minutes waiting =D.
I love those dapper! And agreed, you're ready for FW ^_^

Alix Niyonkinzo said...

Man, really love your style here. That's some great pictures and the background with the colours of your outfit, just on point.. And don't get me started with the shoes!!!! I'll be in the market for shoes like that now ;)
Keep up the good work!

Hadrien Leite said...

Awesome outfit and photos
Rock !

Simone Mars said...


Eye See Euphoria said...

I love it. Great style and thanks for bring back my memories of the golden cash money days, hence hot boy! Thanks for sharing and enjoy!

Eye See Euphoria |

Shoshana said...

Uhm, lets see. You're a blogger and you have to decide between this amazing backdrop, a big 20min window gap of time and the question is what again? Lol. So happy for you and the fact that you had extra time. The artistry is wonderful. Love the vibrant colors. As for that jacket, what a special piece. Thank you for making sure to snap close-up. The sporty (net) sleeves is what makes this elongated bomber really stand apart. Truly a "gift" that keeps on giving.

Bloggers_Boyfriend said...

love this outfit ! hotboy!

Monika Lackowska said...

Great images:) I like your outfit:)

Riccardo Onorato said...

My favourite piece is the tee

Riccardo |

Miss J. said...

How cool Jon! Every detail is perfect! And so chic! I love everything from the cool parka and blazer layering to these amazing brogues!;)



Maggie Dallospedale said...

Hi handsome!

You look awesome


Maggie D.

Fashion Blog Maggie Dallospedale fashion diary

amo said...

very nice shoes

Recuerda: estoy de sorteo Purificacion Garcia y mas en Mi blog by Amo

Michael Macalos said...

awww, so much fun reading your newest journey dear!! can't wait for the next posts ♥

New fun post on the sweetie!

melody said...

nice coat
so lovely and nice.

Sharon Pate said...

Great to read your latest post, Jon. This look is so refined and classic but I love the print shirt beneath the jacket. It really adds such interest to the look. Your shoes are fabulous.

Dressed2dNines.Com said...

Dope backdrop! Love your shoes!

Bubu said...

Jon, You have a phenomenal blog! Amazing outfit! :D

Beauty Follower said...

Great shoes... awesome graffiti!

Chiemela Steve said...

Dope outfit, you look stunning man.

Fabio Gesualdo said...

Love the long bomber!


Style & Paper said...

Cool outfit!!


Style and Paper


Sam said...

Nice outfit, realllllly love the shoes!

Sam |

Hadrien Leite said...

Awesome outfit and photos
Good job :)

Ivan said...

Super look !!! lovely shoes !


Jasmin said...

Rad look! You struck the perfect balance between refined and casual. The patterned shirt is such an interesting eyecatcher...

Jasmin xx

isabel selles said...

amazing post!!



Andy said...

Great look! I love your blazer and hat, so stylish!

Raissa | http://theleatherfann said...

That is an awesome background! And I love the metallic detail in the shoes!

Raissa | The Leather Fanny Pack

melody said...

jon your shoes are so lovely, keeping representing you rock. Happy val.

Iva S. said...

T'as le don de shooter dans des décors de OUF ! J'adore ! Spécialement les chaussures ;-)



Camilla said...

Your outfit is so perfect and the background is awesome! Love everything about this post!


putri said...

Great shoes dear :D

H E K Y M A said...

Great outfit !


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