Dear Rival sports apparel collection by Björn Borg - on Jon The Gold blogAt times I wish I was you, at times I’m happy with just me.

You push me, I thank you, that’s how I express my positivity.

I believe me and even though I won’t admit it, I strongly believe in you.

You made me stronger than yesterday.

However today, dear rival, I won’t let you win. Oh Nay!






Rival – a person competing for the same goal as you or try to outdo you.

The Rival edition

Björn Borg and I teamed up to create awareness around the Dear Rival movement. Because there’s a group of people out there that embraces the positive effects of rivalry. That definitely needs to be celebrated.

Research proves that rivalry makes you better. The one person you secretly envy is actually your best friend. They push you to do better and be your better self. Yes, you should be harder, better, faster, stronger. But at a certain point, we all need to leave selflessness behind and show our rival some love. It wouldn’t be honest of me if I left without sharing the name of my rival: Alex Badia. 

Who is your dear rival?

Shop the look

Dear Rival sports apparel collection by Björn Borg - on Jon The Gold blog

I’m wearing: White Nastase jacket and Tarik tennis shorts by Bjorn Borg | SWATCH watch | NIKE shoes


Support the movement by using #dearrival on social media.

Photography by Tatjana Henderieckx



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