Nike Air Max day: Story of an Icon

In this new day and age NIKE is still standing strong. One of the biggest according to my perception.  However, Nike got a foothold in in this new millennium and the Air Max sneaker is here to stay. Even when I’m feeling like combining sporty and avant-garde these kicks always had my back. So I teamed up with Zalando to support the holy Nike Air Max day that is coming up on March 26. In the meantime let me you a story.

Once upon a time … my first pair of  Nike Air Max

I remember entering the footlocker store by myself for the first time to buy a new pair, back in 2002. Amongst all variants, I picked out the full suède model in camel. And oh man, at school I felt like bro of the year walking around in those shoes like #KISSMYAIRS . Back then I was in boarding school in a small village in the north of Belgium. Being a very shy kid at first I used to spend my days solo-dolo in a corner. But the more I opened my mouth, the more I started making friends. It took some time but from there on I became über-social Jon.

The neighborhood I was living in was pretty all-white one. And unfortunately, I was confronted with racism once in a while. Nonetheless the few friends I had always had my back. One of them was Vincent. He taught me how to skate and made me try out skating tricks like manual, 360 and ollie. Another friend was Roy, he was the one who introduced me to a couple of  ‘gabbers’ aka skinheads living in Belgium. Strange enough we became friends and began hanging out even after school. That’s how I know a little bit about gabbers *sidenote: their girls were called ‘reefteven‘*. Anywho those guys loved Nike air max sneakers so much they could go broke for it any moment. Some of them even had the most out-of-the-world pairs I ever saw. So from that moment on my affection for the iconic shoe was born.

15 years laters I’m still wearing them. This time I’m wearing my Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 Flyknits  with a much more refined and outlined style.

Nike Air Max day: Story of an Icon

I’m wearing: Strellson camo coat (shop here) |KENZO trousers | WE FASHION hoodie| NIKE Air Max sneakers (shop here) | Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses (shop here)

Photos by Dries Vriesacker


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