Pastel Blend

In midst of winter this guy goes on and wears pastel hues. Is he crazy? Actually, I’m not! My body will never get used to this siberian cold and it often reflects on my mood. So I’m always in for a bright pastel look that’ll cheer me up.

But here’s the catch. In order to help your look of the day make a bigger impact, pick out a key clothing piece that has a contrasting color. My case wasn’t any different. However I did not know pastel pink could match so well with dark blue. Well it’s always worth a try. Just go for it I’d say!

The right color

How do you know for sure which colors are the right colors for you? I found a solution for you to measure it. Yes there is a way and that way is called:  My Color Passport. It’s a company that masters color combinations. It calculates your matching trend colors, suggests hues you’d look in, sums up the right colors for your accessories (hats, watches, ties and sunglasses) and it gets even better by tipping you on the ideal perfumes for you. Recently I found out the fragrances that suit me are fougère, spicy and bold. Meaning I’m more of a Viktor & Rolf type.

Bold color combinations were always my thing anyways. So the moment I saw pastel pink on my main MCP list, I had to test it out. Regardless of the weather forecast. Let me know what you think of my color combination in the comment box below.
I’m wearing: WE FASHION jacket | RIVER ISLAND tee | IKKS pants | REEBOK X MARNI sneakers ( out of stock)

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