Style Guide: How men should mix & match Kenzo x H&M
 Precisely 1 week from now Kenzo and H&M are launching their capsule collection. The world wide web is already overwhelmed by the first everything: the 1st packshots, first bloggers wearing the looks and a first glimpse at the inspiring campaign videos. And here I am, a young creative based in Belgium, adding my share to the hype. But the very first question to asked should be: how are we men going to wear these very creative pieces? That’s the main question my male friends have been asking me the past 2 weeks.

I came to inspire …

When H&M contacted me for a collab I was as excited. As joyful as I was back when they emailed me to be a Balmain x H&M ambassador in Belgium. The first thing I did was going through all the packshots and campaign images. Just to make sure once again if there were pieces I completely felt comfortable with. Because that’s how we men think: comfort above everything. How crazy the outfit might look.

( bomber jacket €399boots €179jeans €99 )
Of course the very unique and surprising jungle themed collection was totally Jon. The prints reminded me of an african wax my grandfather used to wear. At that moment I was certain I could handle this collection. Whether I would wear it very basic or extravagant. I knew I could give it a personal twist à la Jon. You can too by the way!

Style Guide: How men should mix & match Kenzo x H&MStyle Guide: How men should mix & match Kenzo x H&M

Listen carefully …

In order for guys not to look like edgy clowns on these streets with the Kenzo x H&M items, we need to mix and match! That’s all we really need to do. If you follow these 4 golden style tips you might be crowned the king of the fashion jungle:
  • – Be creative
In general men often can’t seem to be creative when it comes to clothes. Pulling up your jacket sleeves to flaunt your shirt to show your layering skills is a clever style hack.
  • – Match two similar layers
If you agree with my first tip, than the layering part should be easy. Make sure the shirt, sweater or t-shirt matches the jacket. Based on color combination.
  • – Match with some denim
Here’s a trick that often works for me. If you see some blue in your outfit? Denim can almost always be a huge help. Blue and denim are practically always a match
  • – Mix it with some black garments
Black is never a villain. Any black garment always works. Imagine if all the black was replaced by red for instance, Kenzo x H&M would look way too extravagant. So mixing with black to take away the attention is another style hack to note on your list.
Style Guide: How men should mix & match Kenzo x H&MStyle Guide: How men should mix & match Kenzo x H&MStyle Guide: How men should mix & match Kenzo x H&M
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Greets Jon
Photography and edit by Elien Jansen & Robin Joris Dullers

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