It feels like I’m all alone in my small city. My friends and family are away on vacay somewhere. Some flew to a sunny summer house in a beautiful country and I’m here in Antwerp. Although I’m no stranger to loneliness. I feel left out in the desert!

 Fortunately I was left with work. Between keeping the blog running, working as a sales man / community manager uptown and content contributing for another platform , life keeps on happening. That said, I’ll always love my city. It’s my comfort zone and you all know how comfy that can get.
My creative self went crazy while seeing this deserted summer wall. It’s exactly how I feel at the moment. At least I got my floral summer shirt from ANTWERP to cheer up this lonely summer atmosphere.
I’m wearing : ANTWRP shirt | COS coat | ANTWRP jeans
Photography by Laura Heylen

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