Style Challenge : What About Jogger Pants ?

Do you remember those bitter mornings when you were held up in front of your wardrobe because you absolutely didn’t have a clue whichtrousert to wear ?  Denim, distressed or a pantalon ? No, a pair of loose pants … slim fit ? Yeah , that struggle!

Style Challenge : wear city look + red jogger pants // street style men
Arriving late during a rendez-vous never sends out a positive message so I had to think fast and run. This is literally what past through my mind :

” Ooh shit! Okay it’s 9.20am. I have to be at the meeting at 10, I have to leave NOW.  But f********* should I go sharp dandy on em’ or just be myself and leave home super comfy, layered and still on fleek. But it is a meeting so you might dress up Jon, no ? “

Despite all of that I walked out my apartment door sporting my Publish jogger pants with my main sneaker of the moment ( Adidas NMD ). Because I don’t trust Belgian weather – not for a bit – I always have an extra top with me. Getting sick is the last thing I need right now. For the time being this long black coat from River Island keeps me warm day-in & day-out.

Style Challenge : wear city look + Adidas NMD // street style men

Two style tips though to those who often find themselves in that tricky morning situation  :
#1 : When in doubt go for the most comfortable option.
It’s okay if you’re not the type of guy that suits up everyday. If you want to feel good it’s more than ‘just fine‘ to wear your jogger pants with your city look. This red jogger pants from Publish was the gem I was looking for to complete my sporty look of the day. The jogger pants is no longer fit for Netflix and chill only. The right jogger pants with a slick silhouette will do it. Trust me!
#2 : Use the power of casual color block

Often I heard I wear too much black. In that case you can color block the black with brighter colors.  It were my red Publish jogger pants + white button-up tee that spared me from another all black day.

#StyleChallenge of the week : Put together a city look with jogger pants 

Style Challenge : wear city look + red jogger pants // street style men

Dab Out!

Style Challenge : wear city look + red jogger pants // street style men

I’m wearing : RIVER ISLAND long coat | GSUS INDUSTRIES denim jacket | PUBLISH tee | PUBLISH jogger pants | ADIDAS sneakers

Photography by Ruth Van Soom

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