I have been absent on the blog. That really bugs me. But hey It’s for a greater cause: MY RETURN! Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. 4 more exams to go before the end.  And on the last exam-day I will be running for a talented designer-student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

The designers name is Rushemy Botter, a guy from the Netherlands. ( I never asked but His accent sounded like it). He is in his second year at the Fashion Department to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp , and he had to present his collection in front of his school jury. In the Jury  sat the well-known Belgian fashion designer Walter Beirendonck . What I found fascinating was how blown away they were sitting in front of  Rushemy’s (designer-student) N.W.E collection.

Rushemy’s collection inspo is a mix of  a retro Dior, YSL and Balenciaga campaign meets Arabian falconers. All worn by black men. He kept the feminine silhouettes from the original key pieces and played with it to execute it in a more masculine way. As he says ” Black men can pull it off”. Aaaaand I agree with him a 100% ( even the jury laughed haha). But to be real for a minute…They really loved Rushemy’s collection. So that means I’m running at the grand fashion show of the Mode Academie. To be honest, I’m so excited because the last time I ran for the Antwerp fashion academy show was yeeeeaaars ago. But today was  a petit ‘avant-goût’ – commes les français le disent.  You might see it pass by on my  Instagram & snapchat ( yes I’m on there too the name is ‘ JonxThe’ on Snapchat ).

Jonthegold Modeling for Rushemy Botter N.W.E. COLLECTION - Designer at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Haute Couture men collection inspired by Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Dior. Because Black Men can pull it off high fashion menswear
Designer Rushemy Botter
Some other good news : I have been teaming up with a couple of cool brands I know you’ll like. I worked with 3 photographers to make this happen. One thing you have to know , some photographers really take their time. But I’m blessed to work with talented photographers who deliver amazing results . So , I wanted to wait a while to come back with some newer content for the blog. Over here we choose quality over quantity. Of course, some other projects were red-lighted and some are still on hold. Happily for US … There’s still a lot coming every week on #JonTheGold. By virtue of my unconditional love for my JonTheGold-readers I’m spilling away some brands I’m collaborating with: The Cloak Room, Zalando, G-Star RAW, Urban Outfitters,… That’s all I’m saying…Okay I’m going to sleep now…I have to wake up at 8.30am  😉


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