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I'm Wearing : SECTION CLOTHING tracksuit | ETQ AMSTERDAM sneakers | ZERO UV sunglasses | photography by THOMAS VANHOYWEGHEN

JONTHEGOLD minimal black neoprene tracksuit with zero uv flip up steampunk sunglasses antwerp blogger

JONTHEGOLD minimal black neoprene tracksuit with zero uv flip up steampunk sunglasses antwerp blogger
JONTHEGOLD minimal black neoprene tracksuit with zero uv flip up steampunk sunglasses antwerp blogger
JONTHEGOLD minimal black neoprene tracksuit with zero uv flip up steampunk sunglasses antwerp blogger
JONTHEGOLD minimal black neoprene tracksuit with zero uv flip up steampunk sunglasses antwerp blogger

JONTHEGOLD minimal black neoprene tracksuit with etq sneakers antwerp blogger
JONTHEGOLD minimal black neoprene tracksuit with etq sneakers antwerp blogger

During the week my swagger is very laid back. So I put on my tracksuit. The neoprene fabric really turned it around. It  gave the tracksuit some edge,  plus my ZERO UV Steampunk stunner shades -  I told you my eyewear addiction was back -  finished the look . Neoprene is the trendy fabric you see in a lot of collections nowadays. The same fabric that's used for scuba-diving suits. ( Imagine me  for a minute scuba diving with this tracksuit  lool haha ) . Those pants are interesting because of the silver zipper,  the tapered look & it fits like a second skin on me. It's the same pants I wore to fashion week Amsterdam. My current look is more dressed-down but of course my DAY 1  #MBFWA outfit was more dressed-up . Dressing down is such a trend in Antwerp now... I see a lot of people in them Antwerp streets who look really cool dressed down. Props to those who do it well. 


JONTHEGOLD minimal black neoprene tracksuit with zero uv flip up steampunk sunglasses  wefashion mercedes benz amsterdam fashion week antwerp blogger


How was your weekend ? Work ? School ? Traveling ? Party ? Hangover ? I want to know !!! Yesterday , 8 march, was my birthday ( yes I'm born on international womensday ) . Waaauw. All of a sudden it hit me: " I'm getting damn old man" . I don't want to be a little b*tch about it but I wasn't ready to turn 25...I still feel like I'm 22. For my birthday I wish is to stay forever young. But hey I have to look at the bright side of things because my life couldn't be better right now. My blog has taken me places I knew I wanted to be & meet people I always wanted to meet. I'm blessed to have my crazy ass friends, my blog and my loyal jonthegold-readers. Thank you for the support you have been giving me throughout the years, when my own friends didn't give a damn. Keep visiting my blog and with time you'll see the evolution. One thing I have learned all along is that patience is key. Then again patience is not equal to waiting until something comes along, you still gotta put in the work. Be patient, be creative , take risks, be humble , work hard and wait for the results to come. This was my birthday letter to all jonthegold-readers. Yours truly Jonathan.

Thanks for reading about my urban adventures! 
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Greets Jon

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Roberto Syrious said...

totally LOVE this futuristic look!
gorgeous work!

Beauty Follower said...

Great shooting concept!

Ben Heath said...

You look like you've teleported back from 2050. If anything, you are way ahead of the trend. Great shoot as per usual!

Ben |

Michael said...

Just few words because today is busy day for me..
Allblack is perfect and I like more and more this sporty feeling outfits!
And again, greatly chosen place for shooting..who is coming with those ideas? You? Need you here in Prague =D
Have an excellent start of new week, Jon,


Awesome shots - love the zipper detail.


Helder Pereira Coelho said...

Amazing photos Jon!

Jessica (What To Style) said...

Cool look and pictures! =)


Adrián Oslé said...

Perfect outfit!


Paulina Piotrowska said...

Magic, perfect photos!

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks roberto ! ;-)

Jonathan Zegbe said...


Jonathan Zegbe said...

i really feel you on that one haha :-) those sunglasses and the scuba tracksuit did the job.

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Hi michael! thanks for visiting my blog :-) Yesss I want to come to prague

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks brotha! :-)

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Hi helder. Thanks my man.

Jonathan Zegbe said...

thanks al ot

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks Adrian

Andrés Barreto said...

Oh Jon, you nailed those pictures!!!! Winter makes me sad as well... But yes! Spring has come (or apparently haha)

A big hug, buddy!

Walk a
million miles



Miss J. said...

Wow! Impressive pictures Jon! I'm totally digging the fabric and cool zipped details of your tracksuit! Once again, this is something I would definitely wear! ;)



Riccardo Onorato said...

Great photos, love the simplicity of the outfit! :)

Riccardo |

Ged in London said...

Another awesome post with amazing shots! You are a master at your craft sir! :-)

GEDLAB.COM ›› Men's Fashion | Grooming | Lifestyle

Joy said...

Y U SO COOL? Love the photo's!


Danika Maia said...

How funny it was my boyfriend's birthday on March 8th too and he actually did turn 22 but I'm going to turn 25 in July :c hate getting older! Love your post btw this is my first time visiting your blog and I'm a fan!!

Danika Maia

Patrick S. said...

Happy Birthday my friend! Hope you had a great time - love the entire outfit, awesome tracksuit!!

Magdalena Pińska said...

very nice look! and Happy Birthday!!! :)

Hadrien Leite said...

Cool outift and photos too :D


You look amazing and happy belated birthday Jon! I hope that you enjoyed your special day. :D

Yessie said...

Loving the tracksuit! It looks great both ways (dressed-up or down). And happy belated birthday! I totally understand the feeling of getting old, I turned 25 too a little month ago and I really wished it was 21 instead haha. But oh well, we only get wiser with the years right;). x Yessie

Nequéren Reis said...

Postagem maravilhosa arrasou lindo blog.

Rafaela said...

Great photos, amazing style!!

Matthew Pike said...

Looks great man, I prefer it casual. Happy birthday!

Buckets & Spades

Alvaro Pinilla Garcia said...

Awesome! I love the outfit, and the pictures are incredible! :) I follow you!

Ivan said...

Incredible Jonathan !!! nice proposal and pics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saraah Mode said...


Beautiful pics ! :D


Shoshana said...

I like the look both ways as the energy putting out is differnt but the essence is the same. If I must pick..... I say dressed up. I love that shade of blue. As for you being old? Oh please. Try turning 32yrs old last month. Much like you, I still 25, sometimes 22. Age is just number and it's more about how you feel on the inside. I refuse to be labeled by number of years I've been on this earth. If that's the case, I'm going to start seriously judging those on how they look. As long as you keep your mind stimulated and always learning, you'll be fine. Remember to keep your body active as well. Imagine being mentally & physically stagnant on purpose? Yuk! Btw, happy belated bday!

Eniwhere Fashion said...

Hi Jon and thank you for stopping at my blog!!! First thing: sorry for delay. I hope you had a happy and beautiful birthday!
I read your words with translate and I hope to understand everything. These last photos are really beautiful and your look is cool as always. You are one of my favorite men blogger!!! Today I have a new post on my blog! If you want, take a look at my blog and let me know what you think.....Have a nice day, kisses from Italy,

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joao said...

awesome look! :)

Bloggers_Boyfriend said...

this is the perfect outfit for you ! i can see YOU from these pieces ! perfect fitted !

Matthias Cornilleau said...

Nice full black style !

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks a lot matthias ;-)

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks yesssie !!! :-) Getting old really sucks uugh but indeed you only get wiser ;-)

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks kenny!!! :-) i DID ENJOY

Jonathan Zegbe said...

IM SURE YOUR BOYFRIEND IS SUUUPER COOOL for being born on march 8th ahahha ( he should check out my blog ) getting old rreallly sucks but you only get wiser :-)

Csenge Orban said...

Insane shots! Can I just say that you look really hot ;) xx

Adjoa said...

Hey Jon! Happy Birthday! 25 isn't that old. Dude, your blog gives me a vibe with each post! I'm getting a matrix type of vibe from this post! Love!

Thy Bliss Calls

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks booboo. hAHAHA MATRIX TYPE OF VIBE ... NIIIIIIIIICCCCCCE That is what I wanted héhé .
Thanks for passing by and always motivating me. i appriciate it alot.

H E K Y M A said...

Wow ! Beautiful pics Jon ! X


Alix Niyonkinzo said...

These pictures are so dope! Your name could be 'swagger' :D But Jonthegold, is pretty dope too. haha!
Keep up the good work! And I really love, what you wrote about patience in your last segment, that's SO true!!
Greetings from Denmark :)


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