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I'm wearing: Karactor Clothing hoodie | Karaktor Clothing t-shirt | Rabbithole London pants | ETQ  sneakers | Photographer Thomas Vanhoyweghen
Karactor clothing jonthegold hoodie

Karactor clothing jonthegold hoodie
Karactor clothing jonthegold white long tee

SNOB • One who is convinced of his superiority in matters of taste.

Karactor clothing jonthegold white hoodie
Karactor clothing jonthegold white long tee
Karactor clothing jonthegold white hoodie
Karactor clothing jonthegold white long tee
Karactor clothing jonthegold white hoodie
urban photography  jonthegold white stairs
Karactor clothing jonthegold black tee
Karactor clothing jonthegold black tee

Karactor clothing jonthegold black white long tee hoodie

I'm as minimal as ever in this new editorial ' Minimal Snob ' featuring Karactor clothing photographed by the boss homie himself @HOYmedia . He hooked me up with this dope attire  from Karactor. Both black and white series were shot  in the same building where ARTENATIVE ( an antwerp based clothing brand ) shot their Lookbook with male model Joachim Badejoh - talented model by the way. The building we're shooting in is actually a federal bureau ' Den Bell', they were so cool with us taking some photos there. But my photog. and I  were both all hyped about these beautiful stairs. If those stairs could speak they'd say: " USE ME , USE ME! " Haha So we damn sure did! But let me elaborate on this new brand I'm wearing:  KARACTOR Clothing. It's a very avant-garde fashion house from the UK. With a supreme care for details. Their signature stitch details make their AW 14 collection so much more interesting to wear. I really fell for their futuristic & minimal pieces. If you are looking for refreshing upscale brands : you're on the right blog!

In the first white outfit I'm wearing the white elongated Dementor Hood , white Society Lined long sleeve jersey from the Karactor clothing,AW 14 collection,   paired with a Cargo Biker pants from Rabbithole London. The same one as in my previous editorial feat. Rabbithole London

In the 2nd black outfit I changed clothes and went for the black oversized clean line tshirt from Karaktor. 

Both looks are kept very minimal. I like being minimal these days. The decor was in a corporate building in Antwerp. The building's aesthetic is a major match with my style. Urban & Sophisticated that's my yolo for 2015! Yes sir!  Also the main reason Karactor #caughtmyeye - for it's minimalism . Their forté is definitely their craftsmanship and minimal & urban approach to high-end street fashion.

Thanks for reading.

Greets Jon
#JonTheGold #IamKaractor

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The Indie | The Indie Byline said...

Hey Antwerp! I love both outfits, but the white is doing something for me lol. Dapper looks as usual :)

Jamara Maha Brown said...

Everything about is post is amazing.The photography is BOSS!

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks ATL!!!!! Far too kind *jayz voice*

Jonathan Zegbe said...

thanks a lott! ;-)

Michael said...

So minimalistic, so perfect. Awesome photo shoot Jon. Great location, I like how the light from the windows contrasts with stairs and you, it looks so professional. Great job! I wish to do something so cool someday too =)
And if I can choose, I vote for the black oversized clean t-shirt ^_^
Have a perfect day,
Your regular reader and fan =D,

Jonathan Zegbe said...

michael michael michael! im about to cry here uuuuuuhhh.. lool joking.
but really, thanks for your support man. I always think of you when im posting something. Iknow that you'lll understand my style
`have a nice day bro :-)

Michael Macalos said...

I had so much fun reading your latest post sweetie!! I got really hooked ♥

New fun post on the blog!

Michael Macalos said...

I had so much fun reading your latest post bro!! I got really hooked ♥

New fun post on the blog!

Miss J. said...

What a stunning hoodie Jon! Especially paired with these amazing pants! ;)

You look great! I love the minimalistic vive of your outfit!



Style & Paper said...

Cool outfits!!! And the photos are amazing!


Style and Paper


Bloggers_Boyfriend said...

i love the location you used every each time ! omg ! so good !


Ivan said...

Awesome shooting !! Congrats !

so minimalistic.


Ben Heath said...

Jon, the setting is perfect. Love the bold black and white contrasts and the outfit is uber cool! Really get the modern geometric feel from this one!

Ben |

disqus_dzQowbRt07 said...

The outfit complements the interior. Awesome shots!

Dressed2dNines.Com said...

Hey Jon! Thanks for stopping by my blog! These pics are amazing! I love how your looks compliment the backdrop! Definitely editorial for sure :)

borka gamero said...

beautiful minimalist ensemble and impeccable photography boy…Such an inspiration!
Kisses from Miami,

Eye See Euphoria said...

Very nice. I really love the fresh clothes and how you put them together! Thanks for sharing.

Eye See Euphoria |

Shoshana said...

Granted, the building is architecturally stunning. However there's an architectural element to these pieces as well. One might not think so due to the drape of the fabric but to me, I see something stunning. As usual, fantastic pictures. (new post)

Andy said...

Perfect! I love your white blouse and those photos!

Marta Purriños said...

So beautiful! You look amazing and the pics are great!


Camilla said...

These need to be in a magazine, they are absolutely amazing!!



Dope shots!
Mr Essentialist

Jonathan Zegbe said...

I sent them to a magazine in the states, They'll be featured soon. Stay tuned ;-)

The Fashion Panda said...

Amazing pics !! Love it !

briansandifort said...

Great shots Jon! Really diggin' the black look in that white space :)


Fabio Gesualdo said...

Love the shots! The architecture around you is amazing!

Greets, Fabio

Eniwhere Fashion said...

That white sweatshirt is amazing Jon! Congratulations also for your locations and your shooting....are always better!!! Have a nice day, kisses and thank you for stopping at my blog,

Eniwhere Fashion
Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

crystal yeoms said...

fuck what a blend of location and style. diggin it's slim fit and super long silhouettes. *designer envy*

Jasmin said...

This is such a great Editorial, Jon! Love the looks, and love the location - perfect combo!

Jasmin xx

Lav Juneja said...

Amazing editorial, love the looks!

<a href="”>McLavin Style</a>

Jorge Barrionuevo said...

Good taste in minimal looks Jon
Greetings from Ecuador

Beauty Follower said...

Cool photos!

i.s. said...

love this x

Michael said...

So glad i stumbled across your blog! Your outfits are super edgy, big fan x


Askia Abdull said...

I love your blog man these pieces are amazing

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