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I'm Wearing: RABBITHOLE LONDON jacket | STOCKX & co tshirt | RABBITHOLE biker pants | ETQ Amsterdam sneakers | photogr. Thomas Vanhoyweghen
Rabbithole London ss 15  khaki layered hooded jacket

Rabbithole London ss 15  khaki  layered hooded jacket
Rabbithole London ss 15 khaki  layered hooded jacket
Rabbithole London ss 15 khaki layered hooded jacket

LEV•I•TA•TION | To cause to rise in the air and float /  as if in defiance of gravity.

Rabbithole london ss 15 hooded jacket black cargo biker
Rabbithole london ss 15 hooded jacket black cargo biker
Rabbithole london ss 15 hooded jacket black cargo biker
Rabbithole london ss 15 hooded jacket black cargo biker
Rabbithole london ss 15 hooded jacket black cargo biker
Rabbithole london ss 15 hooded jacket black cargo biker


This editorial was shot in the woods near Sint-Niklaas by the homie Thomas. We were inspired by a lot of different photos just from the web, you know: Instagram and men magazines. Nature, minimalism and mystique were starting points for this editorial , featuring Rabbithole London.  The brands avant-garde streetwear style & craftsmanship is why Rabbithole Ldn is on my golden radar. So we took it to the woods to practice on levitation. 

Let me break it down for a minute. I'm rocking a  Cargo Biker Pants under a Khaki Scarf Layered Jacket  from the RH Ldn Spring Summer  '15 collection . Props to their care for details! The layers & the parka cut on the  jacket and the details of the biker pants. So so very upscale! 

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Enjoy the photography! 

Greets Jon,
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Justin Targia said...

Really cool look. I love the detailed photos.

Michael said...

Stunning, cool photos! Oh my, I like it! It reminds me movies like The Wolf etc. =D, little bit dangerous, scary but adventurous =).
Perfect work, Jon and big bow to your photographer =)
Michael / facebook

Adrián Oslé said...

Beautiful photos and perfect jacket.


Matthias Geerts said...

Stunning photography Jon! :D wow

crystal yeoms said...

now that's a fucking shoot!

Miss J. said...

Beautiful pictures Jon! Your outfit is so in tune with the background! I love your parka and pants very much, and those sneakers!



Riccardo Onorato said...

I met Rabbit Hole when I come to Camden Town. Immediately I loved it.

So, great outfit, great piece!

Riccardo |

Ben Heath said...

Very atmospheric! The cut and the detail on the biker pants are great. Love the use of textures too.

Ben |

Igal Reysher said...

Amazing Photos!!!!

Love that khaki coat, Love the combination with the forest colors.


Shoshana said...

OMG! You're scaring me. Another haunting and sexy photo shoot. Love your creativity. Loving the thigh/knee detailing on your pant. I want those. Btw, Happy New Year. (new post)

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Hi S! how are you? Happy new year and best wishes :-)

Jonathan Zegbe said...

have a nice week :-)

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Great Riccardo. i did not have that honour to meet them but their collection is on fire :)

Jonathan Zegbe said...

its funny that you mention that my outfit is in tone with the background I DID TOOO :-)
thanks J

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Bdankt maat :-)

Jonathan Zegbe said...


Andy said...

Amazing photos! You are such a great inspiration!


Saskiabzn said...

Love your photoshoot and style !
Saskia! xo

Ivan said...

Incredible shooting !! so minimalist


Izael G said...

Dope pictures!! perfect look and location <333333

Nina Colette said...

You have a gift Jonathan, Keep going!!!

Nina Colette said...

I like how you choose to focus not only on your outfit but the background. You always have a theme to go with your looks and that intrigues me. You have the mind of a visionary.

The Indie | The Indie Byline said...

Dopeness! I love the levitation shot! And the detailing of those pants are beautiful :)

Aäron Vanmaele said...

Love the jacket and the whole vibe of the shoot. This post on fleek for sure!!

Bloggers_Boyfriend said...

Love the Jacket so much !

Nabil said...

OMFG you're master of post, shoots. Always lovely background, mood on pictures. 5th pic is EPIC <3
Greets, Nabil ;)

Fabio Gesualdo said...

Love the outfit and the photos! Great post bro ;)

Greets, Fabio

Beauty Follower said...

Cool pictures!

MERY ouel said...

I love your style and your blog, it's amazing. The pictures are perfects. Thanks for visiting mine. See you there!


melody said...

nice style

Adrián Oslé said...

Good outfit and beautiful photos.


Adjoa said...

This belongs in some movie! You look like a creepy but fashionable ass dark lord or something! LOL Loveee.

Thy Bliss Calls

Jonathan Zegbe said...

ahaha yaaassss thanks girl. ;-)

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thank you ver much! Im glad you like my blog ;-)

Jonathan Zegbe said...

I love that you understand the concept of my editorials héhé :-)

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thank you nabil! im moved by ur comment :-)

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks G !! thank you! you know us keeping it fleek :-)

Oliver Waldmeier said...

pretty cool! like this post :)

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