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I'm wearing: 40WEFT attire | H&M belt | STRELLI HOMME bowtie | FREYRS sunglasses | MELVIN & HAMILTON shoes | MUJJO gloves | MUJJO cover | HOYMEDIA PHOTGRAPHY


Freyrs round vintage retro metal sunglasses
Melvin & Hamilton brogue shoes black grey
40WEFT gray trouser
40WEFT down jacket
40WEFT down jacket with freyrs sunglasses
MUJJO Leather iPhone 5s Wallet Case - Black
Menswear essentials for winter freyrs mujjo

As the temperature's going down, we are all changing wardrobes and coating it up! Isn't it ? 
Luckily 40WEFT got my back on this one. I partnered with 40WEFT ( more info ) and we put together a formal look, you would wear during those cold winter days. To face the cold my reversible down coat does a brilliant job keeping heated. With a pair of gloves from MUJJO  ... I'm ready for you SIBERIA !!! 

The interesting thing about MUJJO is that their accessories are a mix of functional and innovation. In October they launched their Refined Touchscreen Gloves with an elegant design. The cuff boards are constructed of matching black leather and the palms feature grip dots to aid in anti-slip capability. So you don't drop your phone!

mujjo black Refined Touchscreen Gloves

Under my brand new blue down coat is another layer, say hello to mister dapper - he says hello back by the way. Mister dapper is wearing a blue denim shirt with gray trousers from the winter collection of 40WEFT. Paired with some dapper looking brogue shoes from german brand MELVIN & HAMILTON. You know how they say that 'coffee is for closers' ? Well, my coffee is my pair of  retro round FREYRS sunglasses, to 'close' the look for. 

Thanks for reading.

Greets Jon
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Michael said...

Firstly, I am not big fan of those type of jackets but in this case, I need to make exception because of the houndstooth print on it =D.
Secondly, those shoes killed it all. In the best way. Love it!!! Shame they are not visible on first photo, it will be awesome streetstyle photo ;).
Perfect look, Jon, and I think people have to look around when you just walk by ^_^

Helder Pereira Coelho said...

You look amazing dear! Love those shoes

Please check out the SheInside link on my post

Ged in London said...

Amazing look! The coat really makes a quiet and somewhat gentle statement. I love the gloves and those brogues are killing me with awesomeness! Great post!

Justin Targia said...

I agree with other. Those shoes are the bomb

Fabio Gesualdo said...

Cool outfit my friend!!!


Adrián Oslé said...

Perfect sunglasses, I like it!!


Nnamdi Moghalu said...

Love the shoes Jon!!

Ben Heath said...

WEFT have got your back in the winter Jon but those shoes may have stolen the show. Germany is a long shopping trip but they are ridiculously dapper!

Ben |

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Yo ben. Whatsup bro? I know right, those brogues totally stole the show.
Thanks for visiting :-)

Have a nice day.

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks a lot his highness!! :-)

Have a nice day! Im glad you passed by my blog.

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks you adrian :-)

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks a lot bro :-)

Jonathan Zegbe said...

hi bro how are you doing?

Well it's not my favorite jacket but I love it because its reversible, warm and the prints on both sides are nice. I might wear the green side of the jacket in the future. Im glad you liked the shoes, I won them from a giveaway organized by héhé

Thanks a lot for your amazingly nice & cool comment :-) HAVE A NICE DAY MY FRIEND

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks a lot bro :-)


Sharp shots as always. Looking good!
Mr Essentialist

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks my friend. Coming from you it means a lot

Renzo Domínguez said...

woow left me impressed with your outfit.

Your blog is great


Riccardo Onorato said...

Great photos Jon and love the accessories!

Percy Pretell said...


theblackbeard87 said...

good style!!!!!

Shoshana said...

Fab jacket. Love the contrasting lining. Great visual interest, who wants a flat & boring liner when you can have something fun. Mr. Handsome strikes again.

The Indie | The Indie Byline said...

Your swag and those details, amazing! Hello Mr. Dapper ;) Beautiful as always

Ivan said...

Georgeous shoes !!! so chic !


Bloggers_Boyfriend said...

amazing as always man !


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