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Wearing: KINGS OF INDIGO jacket | BELLFIELD jumper | KUDETA shirt | KINGS OF INDIGO pants | FLORIS VAN BOMMEL chelsea boots | G STAR RAW sunglasses
Photog. Thomas Vanhoyweghen
How to urban look kings of indigo gstar sunglasses

How to urban look kings of indigo gstar sunglasses
How to urban look kings of indigo gstar sunglasses
How to urban look kings of indigo gstar sunglasses
How to urban look kings of indigo gstar sunglasses

An new monday , A new look. Like I said before "denim can be worn anywhere ". In that state of mind, I joined forces with Jonas from Kudeta , an antwerp based urban chic menswear store - Read all about them here  - to bring you an all denim look from the Kudeta Store. To skip the bad wintery weather we were hiding inside of the Central Station of Antwerp. 

I'v  always been a fan of rocking an all  denim ensemble, now this one is from the Kings of Shuttle Loom premium range of Kings of Indigo . Made from  organic and recycled fabrics from Italy and Japan with the best salvage, what makes it all more special. Now the grey sweater is just a must right now. Don't you think ? The color matches the weather and plus with blue its always a match. Paired with my Floris Van Bommel chelsea boots with a purple strap. Simply to pour some personal jonthegold in this fit. That's the best thing to do : adding that little personal touch in your outfit. Accessorizing it with my new G-STAR Raw gold Metal Sniper sunglasses. I'm such an eyewear addict !

The Address for this look ?

Thanks for reading.

Happy Holidays!
Greets Jon

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Michael said...

Oh my god..those chelsea boots are P.E.R.F.E.C.T. I really need one pair <3
Great complete styling, Jon ^_^
Michael / facebook

Miss J. said...

What a cool and chic denim look Jon! Very edgy!

I wish you amazing holidays!



truemaddeep said...

Love this. <3

xx Nicole Rose

joao said...

Nice look! Happy new year! :)

Justin Targia said...

Another great look. Im not a big boot wearer because I often wear shoes without laces but I think those chelsea boots are perfect. Floris Van Bommel always has cool shoes

Gabriele said...

I like your outfit! Great =)

Simone Mars said...

like this outfit!!!!


Martin Meyer said...

I love denim looks. The location for your pictures is perfect! I love the red in combination!! Perfect Floris shoes :)
I hope you will have a wonderful New Years Eve!!


borka gamero said...

Love this… beautiful photography and ensemble; you blow my mind!
Have a rocking 2015!

Riccardo Onorato said...

Amazing photos!

Riccardo |

Bloggers_Boyfriend said...

i die for the fourth photo,Omg ! ur amazing... as always !

Melissa Cuentas said...

Amazing photos! You look great as per usual!

XO, Melissa's Diary

borka gamero said...

cheers to the new year boy!

stylentonic Constantinos said...

love the shooting! Perfect denim on denim! xxx

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