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Hi everyone! 
I have shown you my outfits, of all different styles. And I have been digging the love I am getting from you guys. Thank you very much! 
 Therefore, I chose to share some tings I love, things I like, things that Inspire me and more. 
 From All the places I went, I must say that I like having a nice time in Holland - Rotterdam to be precise. They have KFC and Burger king, which we don't have in Belgium.

In Rotterdam you'll have a broader choice in clothes. I guess you have to go there to really understand.

 The vibe in that city is amazing. It's very modern, with a beautiful skyline. The architecture in the city always  amazes me. The buildings are well designed. Giving the city a more cosmopolitan feeling. I had some great times with friends there and I have shot a series of photos in ROTTERDAM. With my fellow fashion blogger in crime Trudy - from It's True Blog.

Rotterdam's Streets Style is always so chill back & relaxed. That's why I'm fond of it. So nice that I had to take a couple of street shots.

We once went to a Cake shop 'DE KOEKELA'...I had one of my favorite cake, the Chocolate Truffle. That is some good good cake. 

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Some random places 
 ( near from where I shot the pictures from my 'AFRICAN DAPPER'-post.)
photos by/ ME


Sabrina Musco said...

beautiful pics

amo said...

great pics
nice places

Jonathan Zegbe said...

Thanks Amo! So glad you liked it :-)


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